Warranty terms and conditions

The dirty work must be accompanied by:

Confirmed warranty card that you receive with purchase !

Detailed description of the error, which allows fast locating and eliminating errors in the request that you arrange complaint as soon as possible , and original packaging with all accessories !

Conditions for the exercise of the guarantee are as follows:

That the product is mechanically damaged or spilled,

That the product is not interfered person without authorization,

The buyer has acted in accordance with instructions for use,

The customer used the original consumables.

Warranty does not recognize in the event of:

The product is mechanically damaged or political,

The fault caused by excessive voltage,

The failure due to force majeure,

The defect is caused during shipping after our delivery,

The defect is caused by improper use or negligence,

The defects or malfunctions result of interference by unauthorized persons,

The defect is caused by lack of maintenance,

The defect is caused by the fault of the customer or a third party.

Company Lajbi d.o.o.

Do not liable for any delays period of 45 days or irregularities in the repair.

45 day period begins to run when the item is taken to an authorized service and not when he was hired or delivered to the company headquarters Lajbi d.o.o. !

When transferring a product whose servicer is the company Lajbi d.o.o. cause of complaint was be aware that the acquiring company assumes the role of manipulator and that the product can not be serviced office business Lajbi d.o.o. , but it is necessary to advertise authorized service center.

Company Lajbi d.o.o. therefore does not accept packages or ransom, does not accept packages sent at our expense.

All products, which you send to us for warranty, you send at their own expense.

In the event of a refusal or warranty, if you send in the warranty flawless product, the product is sent back at your expense!