PARTY-8LED, Portable Sound System, PARTY LIGHT & SOUND

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Portable Sound System 8" / 20 cm, power 150W / 300W with USB, BLUETOOTH, FM & Mic.

Stand-alone, battery powered sound system featuring built-in LED light effects on the loudspeakers.

Ideal in all situations that require a fully featured, ready-to-use sound system (musicians on the road, karaoke, bars, fitness courses, teaching, speech, coaches, etc…).

Trolley with telescopic handle for ease of transport,

Wired mic,

USB-Bluetooth-microSD player,

FM tuner,

Auxiliary MP3 input,

Guitar or mic input with individual controls,

Rechargeable battery 4.4Ah.

Power supply
Power supply 110 - 220V AC, 50 / 60 Hz~
Battery 4.4Ah
RMS 150W
Max. 300W
Woofer 8" / 20 cm
Dimensions 251 × 207 × 390 mm
Weight 5 kg

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